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Welcome to Rosemont Stud we are located in the South West Uk. We specialise in show quality american miniature horses registered with the AMHA and BMHS.á

Our foundation horses haveábeen selected from some of the best miniature horse stud farms and AMHA bloodlines.á

All our horses are AMHA registered with the majority of our foundation horses being imported from the USA.á

We have selected our horses for refinement, beautiful heads, correct conformation, horse like proportions and outstanding movement.á

Our foundationáhorses were very carefully selected from a variety of stud farms to create a breeding program of our own. We have only selected the horses and bloodlines that we feel will greatly compliment each other for our breeding program. Our mares are of equal quality to our stallions.á

Our horses are from some of the most famous and sucessful AMHA bloodlines. Our horses bloodlines include Alvadars Double Destiny, Boones Little Buckeroo áand Champion Farms Nighthawk.

Our aim is to breed miniature horses that are perfect replicas of full size horses. One of our aims as breeders has always been to breed the smallest miniature horses possible under 30" high with correct conformation, good length of leg and horse like proportions. We feel very privileged to own the multi Supreme Champion stallion and 2016 HOYS finalist PRF Buckeroo Dream who we imported from the USA as a Weanling. PRF Buckeroo Dream is stamping his look on his foals and producing beautiful áminiature horses with good length of leg. His offspring have been highly sucessful in the show ring having many wins and qualifying for HOYS. Please click HERE to see all the offspring sired by PRF Buckeroo Dream.

We are breeding for quality not quantity and only have a very small number of foals due each year. All our foals are well handled, halter trained, routinley wormed and hoof trimmed. The health and temperament of our foals and horses is of paramount importance to us. áá

Thank you for visting our website please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our horses.á

We do not currently stand any of our stallions at stud.áIf you would like a foal sired by one of our stallions please feel free to contact usáand we will let you know as soon as any of that stallions offspring becomes available.